Plasticine Porters

Music Samples From Bruce Lang's
Studio Release
"Music Playing In My Head"
Music Samples From Bruce Lang's
Studio Release
"By George"
1.Give Me Love
2. Don't Bother Me
3. I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
4. I Need You
5. I Want To Tell You
6. Beware of Darkness
7. Taxman
8. Here Comes The Sun
9. Old Brown Shoe
10. I'd Have You Anytime
11. Badge
12. If I Needed Someone
13. Savoy Truffle
14. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
15. Something
16. For You Blues
17. My Sweet Lord



Whether the Beatles’ music helped shape the events of the sixties, or if it was just a reflection of those socially historic times, it surely was the soundtrack for many of us who grew up then.
“Plasticine Porters” invite you to join us in revisiting this wonderful music, that really does stand the test of time, and remains as inventive and melodious as when it first filled the radio airwaves, and our treasured vinyl collections. Using some of the same, vintage instruments originally performed and recorded on, we invite audience requests and create a fun atmosphere, rather than a visual re-enactment of the music, so come ready to sing along and dance, to what have become our standards!

*Available as a Solo, Duo, or Band Performance